Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt on floors and other surfaces can make your house, office or any environment meant for human activities look untidy and disgusting. So the need for regular clean up is necessary.

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that generates a partial vacuum which it uses to suck up dust and dirt. It’s powered by a pump to create a vacuum; it also comes with a dust bag in which all that it sucks is retained and later disposed of.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Today, there are varying sizes and models of vacuum cleaner such as the simple hand-held vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner, heavy duty vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum, upright vacuum, stick vacuum, to mention a few. The focus of this article is on the advantages and disadvantages of a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

About The Heavy Duty Vacuum

A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is a kind of industrial vacuum cleaner that is unlike the typical domestic vacuum cleaner because it is very efficient in the cleaning of machines, floors, and workstations with high suction power. It offers a wide range of applications when cleaning machines, floors, and workstations.

This category of vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning apparatus when it comes to extracting fine, dry dust and rough materials such as scraps, shavings, and granules. Ergonomic and good flexibility differentiate this type of vacuum cleaner from the others.

However, a vacuum cleaner has now become an indispensable cleaning machine both for domestic and industrial use; there also exist advantages and disadvantages attached to this handy tool.
Discussed below are some of the pros and cons of a vacuum cleaner.


• Time and Energy Saver
It is more secure and as well hygiene to use a vacuum cleaner than it is with the manual use of a broom. Fast and easy to use; less effort and energy are required when using a vacuum cleaner.

• Handling is easy
The operation of a vacuum cleaner is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is plug into electricity socket and browse on the floor, any area you intend to clean.

• A low-cost cleaning tool
The average cost of the vacuum cleaner may vary depending on the size and the type you need for cleaning. This advantage of vacuum cleaner affords you a way of saving time and energy by spending less.

• Advanced features
Nowadays, manufacturers of various brands of vacuum cleaners equip their products with a series of sophisticated features that you cannot even expect. When you buy a vacuum cleaner with sophisticated features, cleaning will be just another walk in the park for you. More so, there is an advanced feature called the automatic revealing sensor- its work is to ensure the effective cleaning of the surface.

• Car cleaning
Carrying out interior car cleaning can be done with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you can clean your car exterior with the help of the heavy duty vacuum cleaner perfectly.

• Setting option
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with the setting option which allows you set up the available alternatives robotically for more efficient cleaning power. More so, this setting option will make the vacuum cleaner aware of the amount of dirt and adjust to work accordingly. This advanced feature comes in handy when cleaning various environments.

• Removes allergy-inducing materials
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with specially designed filters that do prevent airborne pollutants that can likely cause allergy or even ailment.
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Discussed above are the advantages of the vacuum cleaner, this article won’t be complete without also expounding the disadvantages as well.

• A vacuum cleaner can be cumbersome
Due to engineering design and functionality, the vacuum cleaner can be heavy and bulky because of its weight.

• Limited access to certain areas
A vacuum cleaner can only clean open areas without any obstacles. Cleaning a tight corner using a vacuum cleaner can be a bit difficult.

• Unavailability of spare parts
The introduction of the vacuum cleaner as a commercially available cleaning tool option may be relatively new in certain climes of the world. Thus, spare parts may still not be readily available commercially in case of replacements.

• Canister handicap
Vacuum cleaners equipped with canisters do not perform well on carpet.

Wrap Up
A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is a valuable tool for carrying out sanitation at workstations and homes. This handiest cleaning tool is very effective for cleaning the floor and reduces the risk of allergy.

However, as there are useful benefits to using a vacuum cleaner, there are also downsides to the use of this handiest tool at workstations and homes. The advantages and disadvantages that were discussed in this article will well inform you about the pros and cons that do come with buying and using a vacuum cleaner.