Best Bagged Upright Vacuum Buying Guide

Best Bagged Upright Vacuum Buying Guide new

There has been a lot of interest in bagged vacuum cleaners. This is mainly emanating from their convenience in collecting dust during a cleaning exercise. It is for this reason that we would rank the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners. This is to enable users to get a better understanding of which ones to buy and why.

The bagged vacuum cleaners are especially convenient to those who have allergies. Some individuals are so allergic to dust that even small bits can lead to ailments. Such individuals would find the bagged vacuum cleaners as a great alternative because it picks dust particles and bags them. It prevents the particles from getting loose in the air thus contaminating it.

Upright vacuums are also vitally important in ensuring that the user reduces chances of lower back pain and general fatigue. The conventional vacuum cleaners led to serious pains on the back and body during usage.

To sum it all up, the use of upright vacuum cleaners has made cleaning a lot easier as one can get to the hard to reach areas more often. A combination of bagged and upright for a vacuum cleaner is, therefore, the best choice there can be.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are useful especially for individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions. They give a conducive environment for such individuals to clean their surfaces without having to battle with their conditions.

Having stated this, it is important to know just what to look for in a bagged upright vacuum cleaner. This can help you to decide on which one to pick. The following are some of the things that you can consider:

The Weight

We all know how tedious cleaning can get. As much as a vacuum cleaner can get the job done easily and faster, the weight of the cleaner matters a lot. Who would want to carry around a heavy cleaner? Well, we all know the answer to this question.

Everyone would want a vacuum cleaner that is light and easy to carry around during a clean-up exercise. Therefore one of the main things that you need to consider while selecting the right vacuum cleaner is the weight. You should strive to select the lighter versions as compared to heavy ones.


Noise can be quite irritating mostly when you have kids in the house. There are models of vacuum cleaners that are noisy and thus can create somewhat of a nuisance during usage. This is something you can avoid by carefully checking the cleaner out before purchasing.

The Cord Design

This is another very important factor to consider. The length of your cord can determine whether you will move around easily while cleaning. Unfortunately, not many vacuum cleaners are cordless. In case you can’t get a cordless vacuum cleaner, then it would be wise to pick one that has a lengthier cord. This will make it easy for you to move around with the cleaner even on hard to reach areas.

Cleaner Attachments

The attachments that come with a vacuum cleaner are important for one reason or the other. They have actions to perform during cleaning. This is, therefore, something to consider also since you would want to get a cleaner that cannot reach to all the areas in your house or office.

Below you can find three of the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners in the market and what makes them so unique, in no specific order:

1. Hoover Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The Hoover vacuum cleaners have been in the market for a while and have gained popularity due to their good quality and effective nature. They offer both the cordless and corded vacuum cleaners, and you can decide on which one you would prefer.

The cordless variety has a rechargeable battery that it utilizes to carry out the cleaning. It is more convenient than the corded one due to its mobility.

Hoover vacuum cleaners also come with attachments that make it easier to clean surfaces and hard to reach areas. This is in addition to the lightweight that most of their models come in.

2. Oreck Commercial Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These are yet other great vacuum cleaners in the market. Not only are their vacuum cleaners sophisticated but also effective. With a wide variety of features, they deliver on their purpose.

They are lightweight and come with attachments that make cleaning easy and faster. They also enable an individual to reach the inaccessible areas of the house with ease.

3. Kenmore Elite Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Lastly, this brand of vacuum cleaners is well known for its functionalities. It is only the size of the bag that lets this brand down. They have smaller capacity bags as compared to the other brands which make them somewhat less competitive. Apart from this, all the other features are competitive with the other brands.

Bottom Line

As you have seen in this guide, you can now be able to choose from the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners since you have an idea of what to look for and how to pick the right type. The list of the best types of cleaners can also act as a guiding light for your choices.