Best Vacuum Brands at a Glance

Best Vacuum Brands at a Glance  new

There are many makes and models of vacuum cleaners from which to choose. However, selecting the best vacuum brand depends on your specific needs. Whether you need a machine for your vehicle, everyday use or general spring cleaning, there’s a brand for you.

A good vacuum is essential to help keep the home clean, and free of debris, dust and pet dander. Vacuums help take some of the muscle out of everyday cleaning and dusting. Most of them offer a range of models including robot vacuums, upright vacuums, handheld, and cordless varieties.

Upright Vacuums

These are traditional vacuums that have been around for several years and are usually more affordable than other models. Upright vacuums tend to be noisier than other advanced models but still, do a great job. They are ideal for deep cleaning carpets and large spaces utilizing motorized brushes.
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Some upright models can weigh from 8 to 165 pounds but are relatively easy to steer and move around. They can come with cords up to 30 feet long to help navigate various areas without switching outlets. Some of them swivel seamlessly to access corners and other hard to reach spaces.

Benefits & Features
Although upright vacuums are among the standard varieties, they have many unique qualities and benefits. There are upright vacuums with powerful suction capabilities. They usually give carpets a reasonably deep cleaning using robust suction action.

Other upright brands are multi-purpose and can clean hardwood floors, carpets, tough pet dander, and furniture. A few models can transition from standard features to canister-type or portable functions with the switch of a button.

Some models also specialize in removing pet hair and harmful allergens. They work to improve the air quality in the home. When selecting the best vacuum brand, you may also consider the canister-style vacuum.

Canister Vacuums
These are ideal for floors that have no carpet. Although they make less noise, they may take up a bit more storage space.
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However, canister vacuums are highly functional, versatile and user-friendly. You can clean many areas around the home including vehicles, blinds, drapes and hard to reach spaces.

Most canister vacuums are flexible and easy to maneuver. Some come with reusable filters that help save time and money on changing and replacing filters.

Another factor that needs consideration is the weight of the vacuum. Canister vacuums may weigh from 8 to 20 pounds. They are highly portable, lightweight and handy. Other brands tend to be slightly heavier than other models and are prone t toppling over.

Some of them include a carrying strap to help move around more conveniently as you clean. There are models with more suction power than others, but the overall review shows positive responses by users.

Models come with or without bags. Conversely, some may have blowers that can clear your porch and immediate surroundings of leaves or light debris. There are canister vacuums with retractable cords and washable filters that help save time and money.

Robot Vacuums
These types of vacuums may be perfect for persons with busy lifestyles. Robot vacuums can operate with lasers, sensors or motherboards to navigate spaces around the house. The hands-free method may be more expensive than other brands but come with lots of special features.
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You can pre-program some robot vacuums to operate and clean from any location. Once you remove large items that may obstruct their flow, they will clean quite efficiently. They can also work using voice control, and make less noise than other brands.

Other robot vacuums also work without charging. Instead, they use a cord to help power their movements. These brands are usually cheaper than the more advanced types but work great for cleaning up pet hair.

Features and Functionality:

Robot vacuums may come with detangling and self-grooming mechanisms. They allow the brush to roll while detangling long strands of pet hair, fibers or string. They weigh from as little as 2 to 8 pounds.

Hand-held Vacuums
There are a variety of portable vacuums from which to choose. They usually weigh from 3 to 5 pounds. Hand-held vacuums are compact, lightweight and easy to use and store.

Hand-held vacuums are great for picking up smaller particles around he home. Some come with motorheads, brushes and other attachments to make cleaning easier.

They operate by battery power and come with washable filter bins and Powerboost suction action. Some have contoured nozzles that can get between sofa cushions, vehicle seats, cabinets, shelves, and cupboards.

They also pick up pet food, pet litter and flex well in hard to reach spaces. Some models come with a Pet hair Eraser that makes quick work of removing pet hair and dirt from confined areas.

Other brands include cordless, handheld varieties that are more expensive but can handle both small and large cleaning jobs effectively.

When searching for the best vacuum brand, there are many makes and models available. Many vacuums come with a host of accessories for every cleaning function.

If you prefer the more advanced models or the standard upright brands, there’s a vacuum just for you. Most brands are versatile, flexible, user-friendly and highly functional.