Common Vacuuming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Vacuuming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cleaning the house is done by almost everyone. We tend to feel well when we go into our place clean and relaxed. No one could ever rest in an untidy room.

There are a lot of ways to clean our home; brooms are used since the early times to clean dust and remove dirt on the floor including animal’s poof. The dustpan is its partner to gather all the objects that need to be removed.
Common Vacuuming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today, technology improves our cleaning through vacuum cleaners; this allows cleaning faster and easier. However, there are vacuuming mistakes that still done today.

1. The Proper Directions

There are a lot of percentage showing that people tend to clean their sofas, carpets, beds, and floors flowing into a linear direction. Perhaps it is the way that they grew up with.

It may come from cleaning with a broom where you will sway the broomsticks in a linear direction, getting it straight into the dustpan and into the garbage bag.

It seems pretty good to do so, the same style used in clearing lawns. But it is not the case with vacuum cleaners. Remember that vacuum cleaner uses pressure to collect dust and particles. So, having a linear direction could not full collect the garbage within its surroundings.

To fully harness its capacity, use it towards different directions. By doing so, it helps clear allergens and dirt that stick on the carpet. Plus, by all around vacuuming, you also get the invisible dirt.

2. Bag Replacement

This is another most common vacuuming mistake that a lot of people do. We all know that vacuums have bags or canister that stores the dirt and dust that it collects from a different place.

The capacity of storage depends on the designer of the manufacturer. Some are made to keep a lot, while others need to be cleaned in just a small use. This is common for small machines.

Anyway, although they are different, there is one similarity that all of them have. It is that they need to be cleaned before they become full. I know that it is just common to clean or replaced the storage when it dust and dirt cannot fit anymore, but I will explain to you why you should not let it go into the maximum.

The suction power’s strength will not be maximized when the canister or the bag is filled with objects. The equipment will feel heavy and filling. Imagine a human person bloated with food and carrying a heavy object, they cannot perform well, right? It is the same logic as vacuum cleaners.

So, for you to harness the full capacity of your cleaning machine, clean the canister or replace the bag before it gets full.

3. Dirty Filter

This is common when we became lazy. We do not intend to check the filters because we trust it much that it will filter every object that it inhales and leave it like that.

A dirty filter is bad for your health. When vacuum machine inhales, it tends to exhale the air that it breaths. But there is a big difference between the air that goes inside and outside.

The air that goes inside contains small particles, dust, and dirt that can cause allergen and another sickness. The filter’s job is to make the air clean when it comes out so; it would have the least particles when it goes back to the atmosphere.

The unclean filter also has a big risk of being clogged by dirt. This would make the performance of vacuum cleaner poor. It has needed to change or clean the same way you change the bag or clean the canister.

4. Cleaning In The Wrong Way

Ironic as it sounds, but you need to clean the place before vacuum cleaning. This would enable to remove clogs, dust, and dirt and make it as it easier for the vacuum cleaner to clean the thing that it will pass through.

It is recommended to remove the obstacles seen by the eyes, do some minor cleaning using the broom and remove the entire obstacle. It would enable the cleaning process to be faster and easier.

Bottom Line

There are still a lot more vacuuming mistakes that people are still doing today. This is due to having a lack of knowledge regarding the usage of the machine.

If you are a beginner, you should try your best to research proper ways and tips in using the machine. Your grandmother might be your greatest mentor in learning.

Ask your neighbors about the proper brands and models base for your purpose and follow their advice if you think it is good. In the end, it is still you who will benefit if you learn how to use a vacuum cleaner properly.