Humans can often recognize buried human skull fragments showing only a portion even though the other bones may look completely like broken rock fragments. The human brain has a special area to recognize faces and it is so sensitive that it can recognize human faces in some graphic symbols, like smiley faces (Smiley), or string of symbols. horizontal self-vision looks like facial expressions; The human brain cannot separate the image of a skull from a very familiar human face. Because of this, death is often associated with a skull symbol.

In addition, the human skull with large eye sockets exhibits a degree of neoteny, which generally produces a higher visual appeal than other bones in the human skeleton, and can cause fascination even when they cause discomfort. Human communities from past to present generally associate the skull with death or ghosts. However, for some ancient communities it is believed to have an opposite association, in which artifacts such as the quartz glass skulls or the glass stones of some Chinese civilizations Pre-Columbus America again manifested “life”: they were a human honor in the flesh and an embodiment of consciousness.

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