How to Choose the Best Cordless Upright Vacuum

How to Choose the Best Cordless Upright Vacuum new

You will agree with me that cordless upright vacuum cleaners are without a doubt the next big thing in the cleaning of upholstery, crevices, stairs and even cars. Their reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and convenience fall beyond your imagination.

The latest variants are now incorporated with the best of lithium battery technology to increase power and allow them to run seamlessly for long periods of time. For such reasons, cordless upright vacuum cleaners have continued to gain mainstream acceptance from every corner. They have captured the interest of the people with their models hovering up a large market share from other vacuums.

But which is the right cordless upright vacuum for you? How do you choose the best cordless upright vacuum? Indeed, these are key fundamental questions that require an outright answer before going shopping for your right vacuum cleaner. Consider the step by step guide below to help you choose the best cordless upright vacuum next time you go shopping.

Step 1: Know Your Budget

Certainly, the price you are willing to pay will go a long way in determining the model of the vacuum you will take home. What’s your target? Balance your finances and requirements and narrow down to a middle ground.

As such, for a great and versatile cordless upright vacuum, you must be ready to cough out some substantial amount of money. The more expensive it is, the more the features, powerful batteries & good air filtration.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily imply that you must spend all your finances on the most expensive cordless vacuum. No! On the contrary, define your budget and buy the best one in your class. Remember, the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive.

Step 2: Conduct Your Research Thoroughly

This is a very important step when choosing the best cordless upright vacuum to suit your needs perfectly. Whether online or from friends, ensure you have all the important features of the cleaner you are interested in. What’s its weight? What about charging and runtime?

Does it have a Warrant? What’s the type of its filter & battery? Is the battery removable or non-removable? Do the integrated batteries have a lesser service than the removable ones? These considerations amongst many other unique features that you may prefer will be of great help.

Step 3: Where Will You Use The Vacuum?

The strength of your vacuum will be determined by the job you intend to carry out with it. For instance, if you will be using it to clean a thick carpet, go for a vacuum with power and deep cleaning ability. It must have a strong suction power and the strongest agitation.

Step 4: You Want To Be Comfortable. Consider The Vacuums Dimensions.

For an upright vacuum, the dimensions regarding height are of great concern. You want a vacuum that will resonate well with your height and body posture.

Otherwise, you may have to keep stopping over and stretching arms every time you are using the cleaner. If you are exceptionally tall or short, knowing the height of the vacuum is of paramount importance.

Step 5: Consider the Amount of Dirt the Vacuum Will Hold

Absolutely a major concern when choosing best cordless upright vacuum! How much dirt can the bag hold before emptying it? Will it allow you to clean the whole house or do you have to keep stopping after every minute?

Step 6: Does It Have The Capacity To Do Everything You Need It To?

Versatility is not to be ignored when choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Think about all your needs and the places you will use it.

Do your homework well and come home with the best cordless upright vacuum that will address all your demands in a timely fashion.


Step 7: Take Note of the Associated Cons/Side Effects

o Various vacuums generate varying amounts of sound during use. As such, how much noise can you stand? It’s your responsibility to check and ask for such specifications before purchase.
o How much maintenance is required to keep the cleaner at its best? Is it tedious to maintain?
o Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? Well, if yes ensure to go for a vacuum that will provide HEPA filtration.

Step 8: Try Out the Actual Product before Buying It

If buying online, it would be important to visit a local dealer, try out the product and feel its usability/effectiveness.

Step 9: Once Bought, Take The Product Through Its Paces To Identify Any Defects.

In case you find any potential weaknesses or problems take back the product before it’s too late. You can always get a replacement in most cases. The earlier you notice, the better.

Final Words
At the end of the day, if you carefully put all of these considerations into effect, you should be able to come up with the perfect profile of your best cordless upright vacuum.