How to Select the Best Vacuum Cleaner Covers

How to Select the Best Vacuum Cleaner Covers

Have you ever entered the house of a friend and found a maid standing at the corner of the room? You greeted and got no response, only to find out it was a vacuum cleaner dressed as a maid. If this is you, then it is certain you saw a vacuum cleaner cover.

These covers give the vacuum cleaner beauty. They also beautify the home, by covering up the vacuum cleaner. They add character to your vacuum and are now becoming a household thing each passing day.


There are different types of vacuum cleaner covers to select from, and more are produced every day. Each type of cover has a concept behind it, and each of these concepts makes each of them suitable for different houses.

For houses such as mansions and manors, a maid with a black and white robe would look ideal than a colorful chicken maid cover. The same applies to houses in the countryside. You have to consider how your apartment looks like before you purchase a vacuum cleaner cover. Else, the whole essence of the cover would not be put in place.

So let us take a look at a few things to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner cover:

Type of Vacuum Cleaner: There are a lot of vacuum cleaners in the market, and there are also a lot of vacuum cleaner covers to meet up. Before you select any vacuum cleaner cover, you should ensure that you know the size and type of your vacuum cleaner.

The size and type of your vacuum cleaner enable you to select the perfect vacuum cleaner cover that would match the cleaner in size. It is possible to find a cleaner cover that looks so beautiful and catches your eye but is too small or big for your cleaner.

In this kind of situation, the best thing to do is to ask the salesman if there is an option for a custom made one or if adjustments can be made. Another thing is that your type of vacuum cleaner may not be able to use the common types of cleaner covers.

A vacuum cleaner shaped like a flat disk; like the robotic model, would not have the common types of covers you see around. This is where your research skills or your creativity would come into play. Making a vacuum cleaner cover by yourself is probably the best option in this case, only if you have the required skills to make one.

Type of House: The house you live in would determine the type of vacuum cleaner cover you would use. The interior of your house also goes a long way in helping you make that decision. It is quite absurd to put a corporate looking maid in a colorful countryside house.


It just would not blend. The same applies for most other houses. Using a pig dressed in a colorful robe in the conventional New York single-colored apartment would do more harm than good. In choosing the right vacuum cover for your apartment, you should consider your apartment type, your apartment color and the location of your apartment.

However, you can get a little creative by adding a little spice to the fun. Even if you use a vacuum cover that does not match your apartment in any way, you have the freedom to be creative. But bear in mind that the purpose if the vacuum cover is not for your pleasure of designing, but to make your home look organized when there is a company.

Since you do not want your apartment house to look shabby to visitors, you would try to get the best looking materials to beautify your home.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner Cover: There are a lot of vacuum cleaner covers in the market today that you would never finish going through the list unless you have so much time on your hands. Even with so much time, you still need not to go through that entire rigor to select a single vacuum cleaner cover.

Since you know what a vacuum cover is, we do not have to define it or the types available. It is most likely that you would have seen different types before you decided to get your own. Therefore, you are to have a picture of the type you want in your head. This helps make your search easier, than going through all the types available in the market.

Make sure to purchase the one that looks the part you intend most. Some people go for chicken maids, some go for pigs, and a number go for foreign-looking maids. Your choice is left to you.

Final Words

Since you have decided that you want a vacuum cleaner cover, then you should know how to get one. A lot of things have to be considered before making the purchase though, and following the steps would help you make a better choice.