How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners by now have become a household name with the majority of households using them day in day out. As much as many individuals have the vacuum cleaners, some are not aware of the proper usage of the device. Well, worry not because you will learn how to use a vacuum cleaner here.

Vacuum cleaners have gone a long way in aiding clean ups at home. Before their invention, it was a bit challenging and exhausting to clean up the house or even office space. They have made it quite easy for those who feel cleaning is a tiresome practice. Having a vacuum cleaner nowadays has become one of life’s best choices for a fair number of reasons.

The first thing you should note is that when getting a vacuum cleaner, two things need to be closely considered. The first thing that should be on the vacuum cleaner is the filter, followed by the bagged system. A cleaner that may lack these devices is not fit to serve you effectively as you would wish.

To get a better understanding of how the vacuum cleaner operates and thus how it can be used, one would need to know its parts. The following are some of the parts of the vacuum cleaner and how they work hand in hand to ensure that the clean-up is successful:

Dust Brush

In most vacuum cleaners, the dust brush is always circular and is used in picking up dust and small particles from surfaces. Modern dust brushes ensure that the cleaning process is achieved without scratching of surfaces. This part of the cleaner is effective for areas such as shelves, wooden surfaces, window pens et al.

Turbo Brush

This particular part looks like a mini vacuum head and is effective in cleaning surfaces such as the stairs.

Flex Crevice Tool

This part is effective for getting to places where the cleaner cannot reach effectively on its own.

Crevice Tool

This part has a narrow nozzle which helps the user to clean corners and tight spots. These are areas that would rather be hard to clean by one’s self, and therefore it helps a lot to reach them with ease. It is also quite effective for cleaning vents and baseboard edges.

Having learnt the parts of the vacuum cleaner and how each one of them works for hand in hand to ensure a successful clean-up, it is now to look at just how one can use the cleaner to tidy up dirty environs.

Some of the common surfaces that would need cleaning and will show us how one can use the vacuum cleaner include the following:

Vents can sometimes be hard to reach especially if you are relying on normal cleaning methods. But in the case of a vacuum cleaner, the process can be quite easy and less time-consuming. Wondering how? Well here’s how: the dust brush tool of the cleaner works magic in cleaning the vents for furnaces and air conditioners to be more precise.

When the air conditioner or furnace is run in a frequent manner, dust is prone to collect in the vents which can cause underperformance. Using the dust brush of the cleaner, you can collect the dust that is present there thus increasing performance while improving cleanliness.

Base Boards

Baseboards are quite tricky areas to clean even with a vacuum cleaner. It needs one to know just how to use the cleaner to achieve this process effectively. One would need to use the dust brush on the cleaner by moving it along the baseboards in a horizontal direction.

You should, however, begin the process of cleaning the baseboards using the crevice tool which can easily get in between it and the floor or carpet for a perfect cleaning experience. Baseboards require cleaning using the vacuum cleaner at least once or twice in a month.×1024.jpg


Mattresses are very vital in the life of human beings. This is because they hold us when we’re tired and sleepy after all the day’s activities or just during the day while relaxing. Maintaining the cleanliness of the mattresses in the house is, therefore, a very important process. While using the vacuum cleaner for this, you can point the nozzle at the mattress to clean it.

Moving with a vacuum cleaner on the staircase can be challenging if you don’t know how to use it. Here you will use the crevice tool to clean up the dust present easily.

Carpets are generally the easiest to clean with a vacuum cleaner as they are pretty straightforward to do so. This will need you to use the vacuum cleaner regularly without many complications. This process can be done after every week or twice a week.

As you may have learned how to use a vacuum cleaner above, it is necessary that you implement the procedures for the effectiveness of the process. You also need to get the right vacuum cleaner so that you get the cleaning process right. Above all, maintenance is key as you don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner and then ground it immediately.