How to Vacuum Correctly

How to Vacuum Correctly

Using a vacuum cleaner is not a big issue nowadays to many people as they have become a household commodity. But not many people know just how to vacuum correctly. A lot of individuals know how to vacuum clean their surfaces but not how to do it correctly. Here you will get to learn the manner in which you can vacuum correctly.

There are many common mistakes that people make during vacuum cleaning that result in a poor clean-up exercise. Take a look below at some of those mistakes and the correct way to vacuum your surfaces.

Make the Clean Up Regular

Most individuals would wait until they see the dust that is floating on the various surfaces so that they can vacuum. It should not be the case as it not only makes the cleaning process tedious but also strains the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is strained, it may begin to develop various difficulties and ultimately break down.

Sometimes you may think that regular cleaning is not necessary because you don’t see any dirt on the surfaces. Either way, you should set a regular vacuum cleaning plan and make sure you follow it to the latter. This not only makes you responsible and clean but also ensures that you correctly use your vacuum cleaner.

Regularly Adjust the Height of Your Vacuum Cleaner While Cleaning

Some vacuum cleaners are designed in such a manner that they automatically adjust their heights. This is meant to make the clean-up easy as you move from one surface to the other. However, some cleaners do not have this provision. For these cases, you would need to personally adjust the cleaner as you move from one surface to the other.

Adjusting the height of the cleaner saves your back and also ensures that you clean more effectively. This is one thing that most homeowners haven’t noticed about cleaning with their vacuum cleaners.

Avoid Dusting Your Vacuum Cleaner After the Clean Up

When done with the clean-up exercise, most individuals tend to dust their vacuum cleaners right at the spot where they have done the cleaning process. It is wrong and an absolute way of not doing the clean-up exercise correctly. This is because the dust that comes from the vacuum cleaner falls back on the cleaned surface thus reducing your work to back where you started or close to.

If it is a must that you dust your cleaner immediately, then it would be advisable for you to take it to a place where it would not affect the cleanliness of your environment or surfaces.

Use the Crevice Tool on the Edges of the Room

The crevice tool is an important part of the vacuum cleaner as it helps to clean the edges of the room. This is a practice that can be done either monthly or weekly depending on how you would want to schedule the clean-up. The edges of the carpet easily accumulate dust and can soon turn out to be a menace to clean.

This is the reason why you should regularly clean the edges so that the dust present doesn’t accumulate to a level which will inhibit clean-up.

Avoid Using Your Vacuum Cleaner Every Now And Then

Depending on how you have scheduled your cleaning exercise, you should try and stick to it with discipline. Being clean is important and healthy and thus is advised. The problem is that some individuals overdo it thus risking the lives of their vacuum cleaners.

You should not use your vacuum cleaner for every small clean up in your house or rather every time even when the house is fairly clean. This is not to mean that you should let your house be untidy but just a precaution to stick by your cleaning schedule. This way you will prolong the life of your cleaner and achieve cleanliness at the same time.

Don’t Let Your Vacuum Bag to Fill Up Completely

There are some vacuum cleaners which utilize the bags that are attached to them to collect dust and particles. Such cleaners work best when they are half way rather than full which may choke their operation.

When your vacuum cleaner bag gets to the half full position, you should go and empty it right away so that the efficiency is maintained. Otherwise, you will begin to receive poor services from your cleaner. Another thing to note is that you shouldn’t reuse your cleaner bags as this would lead to a 50% reduction in the efficiency and performance.

When Vacuum Cleaning, Use Both Directions

When you are using your vacuum cleaner, you should try and do so using both the two directions instead of just one way which doesn’t collect all the dust and particles as supposed to. You should, therefore, the vacuum in both directions, for instance, left-right and up-down.

Wrap Up

It is evident that you have now learnt how to vacuum correctly and would not repeat the mistakes that are commonly done while vacuuming. Cleaning surfaces correctly using your vacuum cleaner ensures that the device is more efficient, lasts longer and that you get a better clean-up.