How to Vacuum Properly

How to Vacuum Properly

Adequate house-cleaning doesn’t only make your house look good, but it keeps the good feeling and the reason you love that particular house. Vacuuming has become one of the best reasons why we love staying in any house. If we don’t know how to vacuum properly, the house will lose good feel and so many qualities.

You may think you already know how to vacuum which is ‘just switch it on and move,’ but you will probably not believe that there is still more to do while vacuuming to keep your house clean from dust and allergies.

If you don’t know vacuum properly, you may have been noticing dark spots at the edge of your carpets, or your socks get stained after vacuuming. That’s right eh? Don’t worry; this guideline will show you a few steps on how to vacuum properly.

Tips on How to Vacuum Properly

1. Set the Area for Cleaning

It is important to know that vacuum cleaners must touch some particular areas in a room, that is why you have to move out all furniture and objects in the room before you start cleaning. So the next time you want to vacuum, move the furniture occasionally for a better result.

2. Focus on the Daily Used Areas

If you live in a room, you should be able to identify the most used areas. Areas like the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are always used, and these areas always contain more dirt and dust than other areas. Whenever you clean these areas, you should take more time on them than the other areas.

3. Buy Rugs with Low Pile

Some vacuum cleaners can’t have their height adjusted as they are designed, these type of vacuums are always better on low pile rugs because if the rug has a tall pile, the pile will block the entrance of the vacuum cleaner thus reduce the amount of suction and airflow. Make sure you get the low pile rugs for better performance from your vacuum and more cleanliness.

4. Take Your Time

It is true that it is sometimes tiring when vacuuming, but the truth is vacuuming should be a hobby and even be fun to do. Some people don’t want ever to spend 20 minutes vacuuming the living room because all they want to do is clear the very visible dirt on the floor.

Meanwhile, it is always better to take more time n spots by moving the vacuum cleaner in forwarding and backward strokes and very slowly for enough suction on the spot. You should also clean a particular spot from all sides for the spot to be cleaner.

5. Close All Doors and Windows

The major purpose of vacuuming is to remove specks of dust and dirt from a room, but some people fail to understand that dust doesn’t only enter as a result of wearing your shoes in a room, but also through windows when its summer.

So in periods like this, endeavor to close your windows always and shut your doors to prevent allergies and dust. Also make sure you dust your curtains, chairs, and consoles first before you vacuum.

6. Make It a Normal Routine

Most people always take vacuuming for granted; they tend to wait for their rug or carpet to look dirty before they think it is time they clean. If you wait till your floor is filled with sand, the cleaning will call for a deep one over a long time.

This is why some rugs always look too dirty that if you will have to call for the help of a professional cleaner. Persistent cleaning will help you avoid that hassle. So, never wait till it is dirty, vacuum always.

7. Use Perfume Essence to Deodorize

You might have been vacuuming all week, and your carpet or rug remain smelly. You can buy a deodorizing powder and sprinkle it on the floor, leave it for 15 minutes before you start vacuuming.

You can also get an essence of perfume, pour it in your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum, the fragrance will gradually sit n the rug and make it smell nice, then you have it deodorized. You can do this once in every two weeks.

Bottom Line

Finally, now you know that vacuuming calls for more, rather than the normal process of picking up the vacuum cleaner any time you like and move it all over the room’s floor. Learning how to vacuum properly is pretty easy and straight-forward to learn. Vacuuming the house should be fun any time you do it.

If you have always been bored when vacuuming, then you probably have a dirty and shabby looking rug or carpet in your room. Always try to make it fun and listen to good music while vacuuming, it works too!!

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