Fibromyalgia awareness what you see what i feel Shirt


Fibromyalgia awareness what you see what i feel Shirt  Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is now a recognized clinical entity causing chronic and disabling pain. For several centuries, muscle pains have been known as rheumatism and then as muscular rheumatism. The term fibrositis was coined by Gowers in 1904 and was not changed to fibromyalgia until 1976. Smythe laid the foundation of modern FMS in 1972 by describing widespread pain and tender points. The first sleep electroencephalogram study was performed in 1975. The first controlled clinical study with validation of known symptoms and tender points was published in 1981. This same study also proposed the first data-based criteria. The important concept that FMS and other similar conditions are interconnected was proposed in 1984. The first American College of Rheumatology criteria were published in 1990 and neurohormonal mechanisms with central sensitization were developed in the 1990s.Serotonergic/norepinephric drugs were first shown to be effective in 1986.Ann-Marie D\’arcy-Sharpe January 2, 2020Fibromyalgia is often thought of as a new diagnosis! Stigma often results in people thinking that fibromyalgia is just a name which has been thrown on a group of symptoms that doctors can give when they can’t figure out what else is wrong. Fibromyalgia awareness what you see what i feel Shirt  These misconceptions are damaging and far from true. Fibromyalgia is a valid diagnosis in its own right, and is far from a new disorder; it actually has a long history, as explained here, “Its definition and content have changed repeatedly in the 110 years of its existence.”Rheumatism in 1592All the way back to 1592 mentions of muscular pain and stiffness can be found in literature and scientific studies. Back then, medical professionals didn’t have all of the equipment and technology that we do now, so often there weren’t as many specific and individual names for diagnoses. In 1592, Fibromyalgia awareness what you see what i feel Shirt  a  French doctor called Guillaume de Baillou, came up with the name ‘Rheumatism’, which was a term then used to describe muscular pain that didn’t come from an injury. This would have covered chronic conditions including many forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.The next development came when doctors started to use the term ‘muscular rheumatism’ in reference to conditions that didn’t cause what they defined as deformity, or a change in the structure of the body. For example, osteoarthritis wears down the cartilage around the bone, so is actually changing the shape of the joint, whereas with fibromyalgia, there aren’t physical changes caused to the body.Fibromyalgia awareness what you see what i feel Shirt  



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