I Will Defend 2nd Amendment Here Of There Shirt


I Will Defend 2nd Amendment Here Of There Shirt



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I Will Defend 2nd Amendment Here Of There Shirt

Michelle Obama will no doubt go down as one of the coolest first ladies in history, thanks to her laid-back style, trademark sense of humor, and penchant for dancing like nobody\’s watching on Ellen. Before becoming the first African-American first lady in 2009, Michelle graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law and later practiced law in Chicago, where she was born and raised. In the years leading up to her time in the White House, she worked at the University of Chicago Medical Center as the vice president of community and external affairs while also raising her two daughters, Sasha and Malia.Once in the White House, Michelle championed her Let\’s Move! campaign, which was geared toward ending childhood obesity in American within a generation, and focused on several other passion projects aimed at helping veterans, military families, and young people interested in seeking higher education.”Never view your challenges as obstacles,” she once told a graduating class at The City College of New York — a tenet she has always tried to live by herself.

Is there a woman out there who hasn\’t read Lean In from cover to cover, writing in the margins and dog-earing every page? (I didn\’t think so.) Sheryl Sandberg worked as an executive at Google before moving over to Facebook in 2008, where she became its COO and the first female on the board of directors. Her experiences climbing the business ladder as one of the only women in the room are what ultimately led her to sit down and put pen to paper.Those words became Lean In, a 2013 bestseller and New-Age bible for women striving to realize their professional ambitions. In it, Sandberg reminds us all that we deserve that we not only deserve a seat at the table, but we also deserve to speak our minds when we get there.”In the future, there will be no female leaders,” she writes. “There will just be leaders.”

ay have been a somewhat controversial figure during her lifetime, but she was nothing if not fascinating. Born in Grantham, England, in 1925, Margaret was an exceptionally bright student who eventually got into Oxford, where she studied chemistry under the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dorothy Hodgkin. Though she went on to become a research chemist shortly after graduation, a nagging love of politics led her to run for office just two years out of college. She was unsuccessful but not deterred.Soon after, Thatcher put aside her political ambitions to marry and become a mother — but she didn\’t sit still for long. She enrolled in law school, became a barrister, and won a seat in the House of Commons in 1959. She then worked her way up in power within the Conservative Party, and in 1979 — by then the party leader — she became Great Britain\’s first female prime minister.


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