In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt



In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt In the world of princesses, there are the famous — Diana, Grace — the infamous, like Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and the princesses you never knew about, but should. Though being a princess is more of a figurehead role these days, oftentimes being a princess wasn\’t all it\’s cracked up to be. Beyond the tiaras and trains, there has often been a lot of political maneuvering, not to mention sexism. Disney ain\’t got nothing on some of the world\’s more scandalous princesses; they\’ve taken thrones, joined the circus, waged war, been exiled, and saved their citizens. And that\’s just the start. Sitting around in a pretty dress isn\’t the half of it.LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 3: Britain\’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex listens to the Youth Ambassadors Mental Health Champions during a visit to YMCA South Ealing, to learn more about their work on mental health and see how they are providing support to young people in the area, on April 3, 2019 in London, England.  YMCA South Ealing is part of YMCA St Paul\’s Group, which provides services across South West, South and East London, and is one of the largest YMCAs in Europe. The South Ealing association primarily provides supported housing, providing somewhere to live for 150 young people who are having to deal with issues such as homelessness, mental illness, are recovering from substance misuse, or are fleeing domestic violence. (Photo by Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images)Prince Harry’s New Job Means He’ll Likely Get Paid For What He Already Loves DoingBy Jake ViswanathNEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 17: In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt  Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster (L) seen on the set of \’Younger\’ in the East Villageon November 17, 2020 in New York City.  (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)Your Favorite \’Bridgerton\’ Star Will Join The \’Younger\’ Cast For The Final SeasonBy Savannah WalshClose up young woman sitting at table, visiting african american doctor at clinic, sharing problems, talking about illness. Mixed race therapist writing down notes in health history of female patient.How You Can Help Make Healthcare Fairer For Women In The UKBy Aimée Grant CumberbatchDefining a “princess” can be tricky in lineages that don\’t necessarily use the term, but historians tend to use the word for anyfemale heir to a throne who hasn\’t claimed it yet; once they\’ve claimed the throne, they become queen. In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt Or, in one amazing case, king. No matter their official title, there are some princesses from past centuries that should definitely be better known for their antics. Compared to this lot, the princesses of today look decidedly mild and easygoing, save for their constant messy bunsTamar of GeorgiaWikimedia CommonsTamar, Georgia\’s only female monarch in history, is known as “King Tamar” because the concept of the throne in Georgian history was entirely male. Tamar was the sole heir of George III, and came to the throne in 1178 as a co-regent at the age of 18, when she was still a princess. The move was unprecedented and made Tamar a hugely powerful woman. When the king died six years later, she became his successor, and, depending on who you ask, either convinced doubting nobles of her excellence through diplomacy or just had them all killed. She was apparently a very successful ruler either way, expanding Georgia\’s empire, but she clearly took no sh*t: In 1187 she decided she was fed up with her husband, divorced him, and exiled him to Constantinople.In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt


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