This Queen was Born in July Happy Birthday to me Shirt


This Queen was Born in July Happy Birthday to me Shirt




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This Queen was Born in July Happy Birthday to me Shirt

Erma Bombeck made a name for herself finding laughter in the everyday, beginning with a humor column geared towards suburban housewives in the 1960s titled “At Wit.” Her heartfelt and funny missives often left readers bowled over laughing (or crying) about the common frustrations of mid-20th century parenting, which at the time, was a refreshing change of pace.It wasn\’t long before her writing took off in other ways too, and she soon found herself writing for major publications like Good Housekeeping and McCall\’s, authoring several books, and in later years, even landing a TV career.Bombeck\’s keen observations on life, love, and parenting still live on in her many works, so it\’s no wonder why we\’re still quoting her. Perhaps above all else, she understood that “There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt,” as she once said.

There isn\’t an \’80s or \’90s kid out there who didn\’t rifle through their mom\’s makeup drawer and come across a treasure trove of Mary Kay cosmetics to play with. And that\’s all thanks to Mary Kay Ash, who created the business empire Mary Kay Inc. that we now know today.A natural born saleswoman, Mary Kay first began her career in 1939 for Stanley Home Products, often hosting little parties at home to sell various items. In fact, she was so good at her job that another sales company eventually poached her, and she worked there for another decade before quitting after watching a man she once trained being promoted above her.Armed with her impeccable sales and marketing skills — and love of beauty products — Mary Kay launched her own business in 1963, starting with skin lotions. Today, Mary Kay Inc. has 1.6 million salespeople working for the business, which continues to thrive even after her death in 2001.

In her incredible lifetime — which spanned nearly 100 years — Julia Ward Howe became a notable activist, published author, and songwriter, perhaps best known for writing the words to the poem “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”Howe was born in 1819 in New York City, and by all accounts was an outspoken and gifted writer right from the start. Once she was married, Howe formed the abolitionist newspaper The Commonwealth with her husband Samuel and raised six children. It was during this time that she also became an active member of the early women\’s rights movement, despite her husband\’s disapproval and “traditional” views of what a woman\’s role should be — both at home and in society.Although Hillary Clinton may remain one of the more polarizing political figures in recent decades, there\’s no arguing the incredible list of achievements she\’s accomplished so far.

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