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Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : Early writing systems did not appear on their own. They are rooted in ancient practices of symbolic systems. These systems cannot be regarded as writing, but they have many characteristics associated with later writing, so they can be called the pre-character system (the origin of writing).They are symbolic systems that are quite easy to remember and note down, allowing certain information to be conveyed. However, they do not have linguistic content.In 2003, symbols engraved on the muzzle were discovered in Henan province, China. Carbon isotope dating shows that these turtles date back to the 2nd millennium BC (BC).According to some archaeologists, the inscriptions on turtle shells have similarities with the characters written on animal bone tags in the 2nd millennium BC. However, many other archaeologists disagree with that view. They argue that such simple geometric sketches have nothing to do with ancient writing.Inventing the first writing coincides with the Bronze Age in the late Neolithic, 4th millennium BC. It is believed that the first human writing system dates back to the late 3rd millennium BC in the Sumerian region (Mesopotamia) in the ancient cuneiform form. The Chinese writing is probably not of the same origin as other Middle Eastern civilizations.The writing systems in America (including the Maya and Olmec civilizations) also have independent originsMost of the writing systems in the world today originate from either Egypt or China. Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : The few exceptions are the Mayan ideology which appeared in the 3rd century BC and the inscriptions found on Easter Island.Phoenician letters continued to develop in the Iron Age. This alphabet led to the birth of Aramaic and Greek writing; then through the Greeks, leading to the birth of the Asian Minor and the ancient Italic letters (including Latin) in the 8th century BC.No matter what, only Vietnam uses Latin letters. In the case of Italy, this period is 500 years from the creation of the ancient Italic letters until Plautus wrote the comedy (750 to 250 BC).For the Germans, the period is as long as 500 years from the first discrete writings of the Futhark ancient script circa 200 to the earliest texts such as the Abrogans of 750.The first person to be credited with initiating the word Quốc quốc was Father Alexandre de Rhodes (Vietnamese name is Father Đắc Lộ). In 1651, he printed a Vietnamese-Portuguese-La Dictionary based on the Vietnamese characters of earlier Portuguese and Italian missionaries. This can be considered as the event marking the birth of the Quoc Ngu script.The first purpose of this priest was to use the word Quốc ngữ for missionary purposes. He said in his memoirs: “Every day I study Vietnamese as hard as I used to study theology in Rome. Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : And thanks to God for help, within four months, I learned enough Vietnamese to be able to After being confessed and after 6 months, I can give lectures in Vietnamese. As a result, lectures in Vietnamese are more beneficial than lectures requiring translation. “Of course, it is not only Alexandre de Rhodes who created the Vietnamese script and the Vietnamese script in that early days also has a few differences compared to what they are used today. But nonetheless, the work of this priest is great, and nowadays in Ho Chi Minh City there is a street named after him.About 6000 years ago in some regions like Abylone, China, Greece, people knew how to use their fingers or sticks to draw on clay what they felt.Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster :


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