Things to Consider When Buying the Best Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight upright vacuum cleaners are a godsend when it comes to quick and easy cleaning. Indeed, if you hate lifting vacuums up the stairs& loathe lugging them around your house, a lightweight vacuum cleaner could be your perfect solution.

Although pundits might want to insinuate that lightweight models are not strong enough, this is not always the case. There are some that weigh even below fifteen pounds, yet more powerful than others tipping the scales with double their weights. And as humanity continues to despise heavy and bulky appliances, the demand for lightweight upright vacuum cleaners continues to surge daily.


They have turned cleaning into a much more enjoyable and less tiring exercise – which our backs have continued to appreciate. So, what are the things to consider when buying the best lightweight upright vacuum cleaners?

  1. Suction/cleaning power– No arm-twisting, let no one ever lie to you that the lightest vacuum cleaner is always the best option. As much as getting a lightweight cleaner is a priority, it shouldn’t blind you. As light as it may be, you certainly want an equally functional device.

One that will be able to take part in helping seamlessly you transform your space into a clean, inviting, appealing and fresh haven. In this regard, the cleaning power of the vacuum should be top notch.

  1. Price –Yes, it’s true; you will tend to find most vacuums that are both lightweight and powerful being more costly. Nonetheless, do not ever assume that a much-priced vacuum cleaner is always better than a lesser priced one.

This is because every model has been purposely designed and built to meet a particular need. The most important thing here is to find your area of need, evaluate your budget and settle for a good price point that will offer you the ultimate benefit.

  1. Noise Levels – Technically, lightweight upright vacuum cleaners are generally much quieter than their heavyweight counterparts. However, some lightweight models can be quite noisy while others can be extremely quiet. Most shoppers prefer models with less noise to completely quiet options.

As such, noise generated by a vacuum cleaner is a top factor worth your consideration. There’s nothing more disgusting than an appliance that will keep causing commotions &unnecessary disturbances whenever you are trying using it.

For instance, if you are super busy during the day and only find time to use your vacuum at night in the house, you will want to buy a device generating minimal noise when turned on. Otherwise, you might end up creating catastrophic situations due to uncomfortably high noise levels for the people sleeping in the house.

  1. The strength of the motor – The strength of the motor is measured in amps. The greater the number, the stronger the motor.
  1. Dust capacity – Even in a lightweight vacuum, the bag capacity should be well thought. Have it in mind that if the bag fills quickly, you will have to change it more frequently. Also, the efficiency of your vacuum is inversely proportional to the contents of the bag. As the bag fills, the efficiency decreases.
  1. Fill location – In upright vacuums, the bag usually fills either from the top or bottom. The top fill is mostly preferred because bottom fill sometimes adds strain on the motor thereby reducing efficiency.
  1. Airflow – air flow is the vehicle that carries dirt up into the bag. The more the airflow, the better for your vacuum. Airflow is measured in cubic centimeters per minute.


  1. Filters – in cases where allergens, dust or dander affect you negatively, HEPA filters can help you alleviate them from your environment. They are very efficient and important filters whenever one needs to remove allergens from the air.
  1. Durability and reparability – Before committing to a certain vacuum, please take your time to learn about its weaknesses and strengths. You need a vacuum that will serve you for its value while at the same time saving your money when it comes to maintenance.
  1. Ergonomics – The vacuum might be lightweight, but that only isn’t enough. Handle construction, length, and even maneuverability are important factors that must be put into consideration when buying a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. It’s very important to consider various factors depending on your needs.  Fortunately, the above points will help you narrow down your options as you seek to buy your ideal vacuum cleaner.

One that will incorporate all the convenient features like have always desired; a cleaner with an innovative design for ease of use and ability to make adjustments whenever necessary. Take your decision wisely, well aware that an effective vacuum cleaner should not only keep your environment clean but also provide you with many happy years of quality service!