Things to Consider When Buying the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Buying the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Having a vacuum cleaner is essential to keep your house clean. You can use one even at your office as well as any space you spend several hours a day in. But choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floor is not the easiest choice to make.

Hardwood floor needs extra care and attention to remain looking as new for a long time. However, the market has plenty of options to choose from. Which is why it might be confusing to shop for the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Here is what you need to keep in mind before pulling your credit card out!


1. Try to Find a Vacuum Cleaner That Comes With a Roller/Beater Brush That Is Removable

You should be able to switch to the roller as you need, even if you will not use it all the time. This is a great tool to have for carpets because it will just pick up dust and debris easier. But a beater brush could easily destroy your hardwood floor!

This will facilitate the collection of such impurities even deeper than the surface layer of your carpet. But if you are planning to use your vacuum on a hardwood floor, you might not want to get one that has a strong brush attach to it all the time. Which is why it is important to choose a model that comes with removable brushes, so you won’t be stuck using them?

If you use such a strong brush on your floor, you will scratch it and damage it so, stay away from it. However, it is good to have the brush option for your rugs and carpets!

2. Decide the Filtration Power That You Need

Each vacuum cleaner comes with different filtration powers. The best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can come even with two filtration levels. However, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Usually, the first level of filtration collects the dust in a bag that you can replace or empty. The second level of filtration reduces the impurities even more so your space is even cleaner. If you have any particular health conditions such as certain allergies or asthma, you need to keep your eyes on a vacuum cleaner that comes with minimum two filtration systems.

The best indication you can get is to check if your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. These are the most appreciated on the market and also the most popular ones.

3. Noise Can Be a Great Factor

Nowadays, you can find vacuum cleaners that are silent but also ones that make moderate noise or are loud. Usually, the silent ones also come at a higher price. But they are indeed more comfortable.

If you want to spend a few extra dollars, you might want to consider getting a quiet vacuum because you never know when you need to clean your floor without bothering others. This is a great idea especially if you have young children!

As a general rule, upright vacuum cleaners tend to be quieter than canister ones. So if you go for a silent vacuum, try to get a good upright vacuum cleaner to satisfy your needs.

4. The Weight of the Vacuum

This depends very much on your needs and preferences. If you are planning to clean more than one space with your vacuum cleaner, weight is important. You will need to move it from one space to another which requires an increased level of portability.

A lightweight device might be the best vacuum cleaner you can choose if this is the case. However, if you have a small house or you plan to use your vacuum cleaner in one area of your house, the weight might not be as crucial.

It all depends on your particular situation. The lightweight vacuum cleaner also comes at a higher price so think well about how important this feature is for you. The-Best-2-1

5. Suction power

The best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors will require a low suction power. This is why you can focus on other aspects rather than a high suction power when you invest in a vacuum for your floors.

Suction might be important for carpets, rugs and other similar surfaces, but it is a waste of money on a hardwood floor. Save your money and invest them in vacuum cleaners that have other qualities than a great suction power.

Finishing Touch

By keeping these aspects in mind, it is hard not to end up with the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, especially when the market offers so many models. However, keep in mind that what is good for you, might not be the best choice for others so stay subjective!

Focus on your needs and expectations when shopping for such a device and you can’t go wrong! A good vacuum cleaner can last you many years to come, so it is a long-term investment.