The Sons Of Fenrir Skoll And Hati Tumbler

Introduce The Sons Of Fenrir Skoll And Hati Tumbler

True craftsmanship is not an easy thing to come by, especially when it comes to this coffee mug. Hand-cast in the finest stoneware and glazed with organic oils, today’s favorite caffeinated beverage is ready for consumption at any hour of the day – seriously what are you waiting for? “In Norse mythology, Sköll is a wolf chasing the sun through the sky and Hati is a wolf chasing the moon. This heat-retaining premium mug can help you chase your dreams. Order now!” Norse mythology fans rejoice at the design of this tumbler that features imagery from Fenrir’s sons, Skoll and Hati! Without a doubt, these two wolf pups just might be the cutest things we’ve ever seen!


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This is the perfect gift for any Nordic god enthusiast in your life, fan of mythology, or just an all-around Viking! The Sons Of Fenrir Skoll And Hati Tumbler features two fierce hellhounds with teeth gnashing for eternity. Drink like a wolf and bask in the power of this everlasting duo. From our friends at Truly Lush Ceramics. When it comes to tumblers, you can never have too many. Why not enjoy your favorite drink in style with the Odin Fenrir Tumbler? From its large 32 ounce capacity, this tumbler will keep your drinks cold for hours and ready to be enjoyed again and again!

The Sons Of Fenrir Skoll And Hati Tumbler
The Sons Of Fenrir Skoll And Hati Tumbler



  • You can use a tumbler set indoor or outdoor – day drinking on the patio, by the pool, on the boat, outdoor BBQ’s, family reunions, boating, picnics, RV, camping, glamping, cruising or parties.
  •  Suitable for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, celebration, housewarming gift. 


  • Made of inox, stainless steel water tumbler with double wall insulated design keeps your drinks cold for a very long time, which will bring you a colder ice drink whether swimming or family beach holiday for a wonderful summer. 
  • Also, its keep-hot function is available in winter.

PRINTS: Dye-sublimation printing

WASHABLE: Easily washed with soap and water.




  • Production Time: 3 – 5 days
  • Worldwide Shipping Time: 5 –7 days by DHL or FedEx, 12 – 15 days by Yun Express
  • Tracking Number: When your order is completed, we will send you the tracking number with the confirmation email so that you can track the package online.
  • Our factories are located in America, Canada, E.U, Turkey,Viet Nam and Indonesia.
  • If you find the delivered product:
    – Damaged due to production quality (missing button, dirty marks…)
    – Damaged due to poor packaging/handling during shipment

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