What to Consider While Buying the Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner

What to Consider While Buying the Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner new 

Buying self-propelled vacuum cleaner is one of the biggest investments you can make. It does all the work, maybe most of it, and all you have to do is relax and watch the job get done. In a lot of cases, some of these cleaners come with app-controlled features that allow you to carry out every one of the functions of the cleaner with your Smartphone.

This feature allows you to clean your apartment with ease, and dedicate your time to more useful ventures. In as much as we want to use a vacuum cleaner that does all the work by itself, there is also a big part the user is to play. A lot of considerations are to be put in place before buying any self-propelled vacuum cleaner.


You would have to consider what you want to clean, your room type and floor material, how you want to clean, and a host of other considerations. All these considerations are numerous if you come to think of it, that is why you need a buying guide.

Here we would go through a list of things you must consider before buying a self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

The Vacuum Type: There are several types of vacuum cleaners on the market today, and they all differ from each other significantly. The types of vacuum cleaners are peculiar to different forms of cleaning. Those with lots of wall to wall rugs would require an upright vacuum cleaner, especially the ones with bags.

Those with stairs and lots of wood flooring would require canisters. Canisters can also function for those with tile floors and laminate floors because it is easier to maneuver on such floors. However, there would also be the need to clean other parts of the room excluding the floors. This is where the hand-held and stick cleaners come into play.

They are suitable for lighter tasks since they can reach places that most other cleaners cannot reach. The robotic type of vacuum cleaner is the type that you desire, the one that automatically cleans.

There are some; called the central vacuums, that requires installation, and would do the cleaning for you on a programmed basis.  All these cleaners have their specialties, and you are expected to choose one based on what you need and what the cleaner can clean.

Features: One of the most important things to consider in selecting a vacuum cleaner is the features it offers. Some come with a motorized brush, while some are powered by suction. The motorized brush variant is often the favorite of the two.

It comes with a switch that can shut off the brush to prevent it from damaging the finish of bare floors and scattering the debris. It is ideal for carpets and rugs due to the motorized brush. The brush enables it to clean better and more efficiently.

To make a choice, choose a model that has a carpet pile-height adjuster and suction control. The suction control is for cleaning draperies and other delicate materials.


Presence of Bags: Vacuum cleaners with bags have their pros and cons, and the same goes for vacuum cleaners without bags. Vacuum cleaners with bags have a lot of room to store the dirt. However, one might not fancy emptying the bags, especially those that have asthma or allergies.

You would also have to keep purchasing new bags as the old one wears out. The bagless types are usually economic purchasing bags. They use a filter system to clean out dirt. However, you would have to clean the filters on a regular basis, and you might need to replace these filters once in a while.

The type of filters that usually need replacing is the HEPA filters. Both the bagged and bagless models of vacuum cleaners are full of advantages and downsides. Choosing the one that works for you should be at your discretion.

Test the Vacuum Cleaner: This might seem unorthodox, but it is the best option for you to be on a safe side. You need to test the vacuum cleaner first to know how it functions. Online ads would not show you everything you need to know about these cleaners. While testing, check out the controls and every feature that was advertised.

Monitor Its Working Efficiency: No machine is a hundred percent efficient, but you should be worried when you hear noise coming from a new machine. If the vacuum is louder than you would prefer, then choose another one and test that one too.

Price: your budget is the biggest consideration. Do not choose a vacuum beyond what you can afford. If you carry out adequate research, you will find vacuums and sites offering discounts on their products. These discounts would help you purchase the ones you would normally not afford.

Finishing Lines

Once you consider everything required for consideration, then you should make that purchase. Ensure that you buy from a trusted site, so you can have a warranty on the product in case anything pops up.